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Photo By: Shelly Avidor

Ziv began his music life when he was inspired by Richie Blackmore and Jimi Page. In the late 80`s he got his first six strings from his aunt. A few years later his father bought him his first professional guitar - ESP M-II Deluxe. After playing in several rock bands he decided to change his direction and to study in the university. During the studies he didn't let the music go and his band played in the university events. Also he managed and produced some local teenage bands. To improve his knowledge in music he studied at the Tel Aviv University Music Academy. During that time he was playing in the band "The Grip" , recording and producing their several songs. The band had shows all over Israel ,some Festivals and the song "Mr. Right" was played on the Israeli radio several times. The band was a part of the Israeli Indy scene. After the band broke up, Ziv formed "Cover Bland" that performed successfully in Tel Aviv bars with rock songs covers. Ziv moved to South Africa and the new place inspired him to record an acoustic cover album "South Acoustic".
When he came back to Israel he formed the band "Jubilee Line". They played pop rock style and preformed with their own songs all over the country. Their song 'What is Wrong?" was a big hit  and was in the Israeli Charts. During that time Ziv recorded his first Hebrew - Hard Rock project - "Pangaea".

 Ziv moved to Vienna, Austria to study classical guitar in the "Vienna Konservaturiom". "The strings Theory", was an acoustic cover band that preformed in Vienna. In 2012 he joined the Austrian band Ubiks Cube that played alternative rock. In 2013 he played a Bass guitar in the musical "Spring Awakening". Later he joined the hard rock band "Aimée".

 After Vienna, Ziv lived in Berlin, Germany for a few months and then decided to go back to Israel.
In Israel, he formed "Perfekt Simple" and "Acoustic Vibes" (as the continues to "The strings Theory").

All along the years, Ziv has been giving his knowledge and skills in playing the guitar to his students. He can play several strings instruments such as Portuguese guitar and violas, Ukulele, Mandolin ,Irish and Greek Bouzoukis, Balalaika, Domra, Algerian Mandole and many more. With the combination of those instruments and his passion to rock - he combined them all to  the "Exotic Rock" genre. By the end of 2018 he released his next solo album "My Promised Land" that was a Grammy nominated for the best world album. In 2019 Perfekt Simple have released their first EP - "Of Future and Past".

In May 2016 Ziv opened "Musical Spices" - traditional and folk musical instruments shop.

Ziv has a Diploma in music and B.Sc in medical biotechnology.


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